In Deep Deception you will meet the protagonist, Caroline Dupré, as she struggles for survival against powerful, dark forces in this, the first book in the Vanguard political thriller series. You can find out what the future holds for Caroline in The Last Chameleon, the second book in the Vanguard series.

The Zephyrus Project

A dossier kept by a former Nazi double agent who dies in the US raises questions about his true identity, as well as the identities of several other immigrants, some of whom gained prominence in US government. Just days after launching a probe into the potentially embarrassing issue Caroline Dupré discovers there is more than government concern frustrating her efforts. She soon realizes that the attacks against her are not those of any government. Then her pursuers, a nationalist, extremist group, changes its plans and decides to let her lead them to the former Nazis, instead of killing her. But little do they know that she has already shifted her probe away from government involvement to their group. The number of living double agents on the list is shrinking fast and Caroline is rushing to find them before they all disappear. Her relentless digging reinvigorates the extremist groups' activities and hurls her onto a path of growing danger and discovery of disturbing facts about her own family.

Black Ice

Caroline Dupré is dropped into the dangerous world of illegal arms dealing and is soon up against a well-organized network of corrupt government officials and businessmen operating from Kenya. An already bad situation she is in turns worse when the operation to disrupt the arms flow puts her in the path of a forgotten nemesis—an eccentric man with a good memory, a thirst for power and an insatiable appetite for revenge.

The Last Chameleon

Less than two years after her husband’s assassination Caroline Dupré joins Vanguard—an ultra-secret organization set up after the Cold War to counter unconventional global threats—then learns she is the only operative suited for a crucial part of a mission to stop a former Bulgarian intelligence officer from getting his hands on nuclear material.

Deep Deception

A highly contentious international conference on climate change triggers a wave of assassinations, but the killing of one particular political activist throws human rights worker Caroline Dupré unwittingly into the center of a deadly conspiracy.