Deep Deception

Deep Deception

A highly contentious international conference on climate change triggers a wave of assassinations, but the killing of one particular political activist throws human rights worker Caroline Dupré unwittingly into the center of a deadly conspiracy.

Before long she is in a race against time, struggling for her life against killers hired by one of the world’s most powerful men. The killers are closing in and Caroline is running out of time.

Can she expose the diabolical plan, before it is set in motion?

Will she survive?

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Title: Deep Deception
ISBN (Paperback): 978-1-909841-20-8
ISBN (ebook): 987-1-909841-22-2
Release date:

2 thoughts on “Deep Deception

  1. Deep Deception is fast-paced thriller expertly crafted to sustain maximum suspense from the first page to the last. James North has developed a great leading character in Caroline Dupre that a growing number of readers will no doubt enjoy following through the promised series of Vanguard novels. The supporting cast developed by North include some great villains to rival the best dastardly characters of literature and cinema. His research and presentation of locations, political scenarios and technical aspects is thorough and credible and helps draw the reader into the plot. This first novel is certainly a triumph and gives every indication that future stories in this series will be equally absorbing and entertaining.

  2. Thanks Alex. My apologies for the delay in responding, but I was very pleased to read your comments about Deep Deception, in particular those about Caroline Dupré, the protagonist in this thrilling series. I enjoy writing Caroline’s nail-biting exploits. Therefore, comments about her role and impact on the stories are good to read. I also appreciate your comments on other aspects of the story, such as your keen observations on research and the credibility/plausibility of the story line. Please continue to share your views with me, fellow and potential readers of what is for me work on an exciting series. Hopefully, you and a growing number of other followers of the series will be able to grab and read the third novel in the series, which is progressing nicely, though I have only chosen a notional title for it. As time goes by, I will endeavor to keep you and other followers of the series apprised of progress as I write. Thank you again much for sharing your comments and praise for Deep Deception and Caroline Dupré with readers and visitors to my website.

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